THSON offers free advice and assistance in a variety of areas including capacity building, consultation, governance, finance, and funding.

Voice and Active Citizenship

To empower the Somali community of Tower Hamlets to play a more active role in local civic and community life.

Supporting the Somali community to identify and articulate challenges, and to design solutions together.

Training courses on community research and representation techniques

One-to-one sessions for TSOs to support the design and implementation of effective community research tools and techniques.

Gather evidence of Somali community views and needs through improved community research techniques.


Sustaining Somali Organisations in Tower Hamlets

To build robust and sustainable Somali voluntary organisations within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, enabling the development of sustainable communities and increasing social capital


We also provide the following services:

Developing pre-capacity building for small and start-up Somali voluntary organisations continuing to assist medium sized organisations in their further development developing advanced capacity building including leadership, mentoring, engagement with key stakeholders and strategy formulation, strengthening governance and performance introducing benchmarking and peer capacity building.


In a busy working week, it can be hard to find time for fundraising.  That is where we come in. Whether you want assistance with your bid-writing, or someone to research potential funders, our experienced fundraisers can help.  Learn more about these services please email at


We can help you in the following areas:

Finding Grants

Write a Good Funding Application

Get Started with Gift Aid

How to Run a Charity Collection -link

Receive Donations by Text

Commissioning and Procurement


Become an Active Citizen …

THSON offers a combination of self-search, email, and telephone volunteering advice, tailored to suit your needs.

We have advisers who can help people wanting to volunteer, and organisations offering voluntary roles, to find one another.

Through our partnerships with local employers and agencies, you can search through all the roles currently available.

This service is totally free for volunteers and non-profit organisations, and there are a wide range of different volunteer roles you can apply for.

Build and Grow!



Build and Grow!

We support organisations to be better able to respond to the changing climate of services and funding, and to ensure that they are resourced to help build more resilient communities.

  • We organise and promote learning events to develop the skills of your team.
  • We can deliver direct support to your organisation or community project.
  • We provide information and advice on starting up, finance, governance, and planning.

Link up and build connections!

We bring community projects together to share ideas and increase collaborative and partnership activities.

We hold forums and networking events for groups and organisations.

We help maintain and increase sector capacity.

We support with access to and distribution of funds available to members of the sector.

Shape and influence

We help to ensure that statutory agencies and other partners have a better understanding of, and engage with, the voluntary sector.

We promote the sector through the production of reports in partnership with local agencies.

We ensure that the voice of the sector is heard at district and county level.

We forge strategic partnerships to improve engagement with the sector.


We need your help. We have reached a critical point in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, we want to thank you for all that you are doing to keep yourself and our community safe. We know how difficult the period of local restrictions and national lockdown has been, but these sacrifices are a really important part of what is needed to reduce COVID-19 in the Somali community in Tower Hamlets, which has been one of the worst affected.

However, it is important that we continue to follow the guidelines to ensure that trend continues.

The situation is still critical, and we all need to act if the national lockdown is to have the impact that is needed. We must do everything we can to follow the lockdown rules if we are going to save lives, protect our NHS and social care services. The only way we will end restrictions and get back to normal is by pulling together.

We all need to play our part in reducing the spread of the virus. There are three big things that we can all do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities:

Limit contact with other people

Wear a face covering if we have to go indoors where there are other people we don’t live with, such as when food shopping or on public transport

Stay at home without visitors and complete the full isolation period if we have symptoms of COVID-19 or a positive test result, or if we have been in contact with someone who has.

The Tower Hamlets council have been sharing this message via our social media channels to good effect and we are now asking for your help in getting the message out further and wider to the people of Tower Hamlets. We want local voices to reinforce our key messages.


Working together we can make a difference

It’s up to us